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My professional career has taken me from the Scottish Ballet to performing in London's Westend. I have taken little pieces from all of the places I have trained & performed to combine them into something truly unique. I wish to share my love & passion with the community of Bondi. 

By creating a school true to my heart I am positive that my students and I can add extra sparkle to the world by making a difference to those around us. Instead of focusing on exams my students will have the opportunity to perform more often. We will share our talents with the community. From our annual production to performing at nursing homes, hospitals and more I believe it is a great way for kids to learn how important it is to give to others and feel truly fulfilled .(optional)

Children attend dance, singing & acting lessons for a variety of reasons. Some dream of becoming dancers, others would love to appear on tv or on stage and lots do it because they love it and get great enjoyment from performing in front of parents and friends.


Whatever your child's aims and aspirations, Joanne Wynne Theatre School has something for everyone.

Photograph credit - Owen Wynne, Vivid Focus

1- TRAINING: Focusing on dance, drama & singing training for students age 5+



2- THEMED THEATRE CLASSES: Each term follows a central theme (eg."The Lion King" for age 5-6yrs to a taster of  "The Greatest Showman" for the senior classes) based on the 3 discliplines of performing arts. *DANCE *SING *ACT. 

Using the central theme, each class will dedicate a period of time in preparation for a class presentation on Parents Open Day.



3- JAZZ TECHNIQUE CLASSES: Jazz incorporates a broad range of dance styles. Your child will learn lyrical, funk, broadway and hip hop together with a strong focus on jazz technique. (coming in 2019)



4- SINGING LESSONS: Group singing lessons & private singing lessons are available. Each class will focus on 1 song for a number of weeks. The song is broken down and learned piece by piece focusing on techinque & performance skills. Contact Joanne for more info.





5- CERTIFICATES: At the end of the summer term, all students perform in a annual production and are awarded certificates of attainment to recognise the commitment to their training at "Joanne Wynne Theatre School".


At Joanne Wynne Theatre school we aim to build confidence, dance technique and communication skills within a friendly, fun atmosphere.